ia64 libjava java-signal.h build failure

Jim Wilson wilson@cygnus.com
Wed Apr 18 13:32:00 GMT 2001

My ia64-linux libjava build failed because the file java-signal.h did not
exist.  This file is required by prims.cc.

This header file is supposed to be created by configure as a link to some
other header file, but configure is not doing this.  Comparing the libjava
configure and configure.in it appears that some code is missing from configure.
In configure.in, after the code that sets SIGNAL_HANDLER, there is an AC_SUBST
and an AC_LINK_FILES, but neither of those appears in the configure file.

Another possible problem here, the case that sets SIGNAL_HANDLER has
special code for ia64 targets that does not set SIGNAL_HANDLER.  It isn't
clear how this is supposed to work.  It sets SYSDEP_SOURCES instead, but
it sets it to a directory that doesn't exist (sysdep/ia64).

Also, is appears that libjava configure is making the java-signal.h link
in the source tree.  This is unwise, since it means that configure problems
can easily be missed by people who have existing source trees which already
have the java-signal.h link.  The link should be created in the build tree

Since I am only interested in getting bootstraps to work, and not interested
in fixing libjava problems, I made the java-signal.h link by hand to the
default-signal.h file.  That allowed my build to continue.

The build then got as far as the libgcj.a link, at which point it failed
because ia64_backtrace was undefined.  This is a side-effect of Richard
Henderson's work on the C++ EH/Unwind API, and will go away when that work is
finished.  For now, I just added a placeholder definition so I can link


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