Problem with g++ in gcc version 3.0 20010402

Phil Edwards
Thu Apr 5 08:36:00 GMT 2001

On Thu, Apr 05, 2001 at 10:13:32AM -0400, David Ronis wrote:
> ignoring nonexistent directory "/usr/include/g++-"
> ignoring nonexistent directory "/usr/include/g++-/i686-pc-linux-gnu"

Huh.  Those are supposed to be "g++-v3", not "g++-".  And that's where
all the C++ headers would go.

> Ok it seems that the g++ include files are no longer part of the
> default include search path

They are.  Don't bother trying to work around this; something is definitely

> Sure enough, there is no bits/c++config.h file in
> /usr/include/g++-v3/bits, but there is one in
> /usr/include/g++-v3/i686-pc-linux-gnu/bits/

That's where it's supposed to be.  That directory is also supposed to be
searched by default.

If you build the exact same sources, using the exact same configure
options, but using a different --prefix, does the same problem occur?
Use a brand new (i.e., empty) directory for the choice of --prefix, like
/tmp/this_is_a_test, and see what happens.


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