Noisy when choosing T::operator Type() vs T::op const Type() const

Gabriel Dos Reis
Sun Sep 17 15:07:00 GMT 2000

Jim Carter <> writes:


| How about a compromise?  In the documentation, the node "Trouble" : "C++
| Misunderstandings" appears to be a collection of responses to similar
| situations.  Let's add another section explaining the situation and declaring
| that the compiler is right and the complainers are wrong.  Then, lose the
| message.  If this patch were accepted as official, we could use gcc v2.95.2.

I'm for whatever make it acceptable to get rid of this annoying
diagnostic and related annoying complaints.  

To tell the truth, I don't find the diagnostic really helpful -- if we
were to include it, then there is no reason we should left out other C++

My two cents.

-- Gaby

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