Error building CVS gcc in zlib directory

Alexandre Oliva
Sun Oct 22 21:10:00 GMT 2000

On Oct 23, 2000, Philipp Thomas <> wrote:

> I did grab automake 1.4a from CVS and it did work. As long as we're dealing
> with the CVS version, this isn't really a problem, but for the 3.0 release
> it would be preferable to rely on released versions of the tools as
> otherwise it makes it harder, if not impossible, for distributors like us to
> use the compiler.

IIRC, libGCJ has a selected snapshot of CVS automake to be used with
it.  It's highly likely that other components of libgcj, that are soon
to be merged into the GCC repository, also rely on post-1.4 features
of automake, and I doubt it is worth the effort of back-porting them
to automake 1.4.  A better use of our time would be to get automake
1.5 out of the door in time for GCC 3.0.  But this assumes the people
in charge of automake (myself included) *do* have the time to do it.
Apparently, we don't :-(

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