cpp problem: unterminated arg list

Neil Booth NeilB@earthling.net
Fri Oct 20 10:34:00 GMT 2000

Hi Robert,

Robert Lipe wrote:-

> (I'm not foolish enough to think makes
> the code legal. :-) I can't spot anything non-conforming, but I'm not
> Mr. Preprocessor.

The code is fine, it's a preprocessor bug.  I hope to have a new macro
expander out within 7 days; that fixes this bug, and expands it to
nothing at all without complaint.

Do you mind if I add this to the test suite (with slight modifications
- the redundant lines and #defines deleted)?  Incidentally, you're
probably best not using those names for your macros; anything
beginning with __ or _Z where Z is a capital letter infringes on
namespace reserved for implementations and future standardisation.



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