Multiply defined symbols under Tru64 4.0F

Joshua Weage
Thu Oct 19 06:59:00 GMT 2000

I'm attempting to compile KDE2 under Tru64 unix 4.0f
and gcc 2.95.2.  I'm getting multiply defined symbol
errors, apparently between libgcc and libstdc++.


_GLOBAL_$F$__default_terminate: multiply defined
_GLOBAL_$F$terminate__Fv: multiply defined
__register_frame_info_table: multiply defined
__deregister_frame_info: multiply defined
_GLOBAL_$F$before__C9type_infoRC9type_info: multiply

I had previously removed tinfo.o from libgcc.a (as per
an old bug report), but that just produced the above
errors.  According to the ld man page:

  A symbol's class determines how the linker will
resolve it, particularly
  when there are multiple objects, archives and shared
libraries on the com-
mand line that define the same symbol.  In general, if
the linker processes
  more than one object defining the same text or data
symbol, it reports an
  error indicating that the symbol is multiply

I did not see any command line switches to alter this

Is there any way around this?


Joshua Weage

Joshua Weage
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