Error when compiling DDD v3.2.1 with g++ in Alpha Dec

Tan Mudzaffar Tan Mutalib
Mon Oct 16 02:56:00 GMT 2000


Pls help.
I'm  trying to install DDD v3.2.1. I've already
installed Lesstif 0.91.19 and Gdb 5.0.
Below is the details of the bug I received.

GCC Version - gcc 2.95.2
System type - alphaev6-dec-osf4.0e
Complete command line - c++  -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -DNDEBUG
-O2 -g -W -Wall -trigraphs  -c -I. -I. -I./..  -o
HelpCB.o HelpCB.C
Compiler output - HelpCB.C: In function `void
PopupTip(void *, XtIntervalId *)':HelpCB.C:2155:
Internal compiler error in `scan_region', at
Options when configure GCC : ./configure -enable-share

Thanks in advance


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