cpp seems not to include # line "file" output for empty files

Daniel Berlin dberlin@redhat.com
Sun Oct 8 15:57:00 GMT 2000

"E. Jay Berkenbilt" <ejb@ql.org> writes:

> It appears that cpp is deciding that it doesn't have to generate the #
> line output if there is no output from the file.  This makes sense for
> the intend use of these directives for telling the compiler what
> filename/line number a line of cpp output came from, but it badly
> hoses dependency generators and other programs that rely on this
> output for getting a list of files that cpp read.  Such functionality
> is essential for writing portable dependency generators.  I feel like
> I've read this in the ISO standard but I can't seem to find any
> documentation that firmly states that ISO requires this behavior.

If you want dependency info from cpp, use the switches to tell it to
give you dependency info.
Also, if the file generates no output, then a.c really wasn't dependent
on it.

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