g++ problems under HP-UX & Tru64

Joshua Weage weage98@yahoo.com
Thu Oct 5 08:56:00 GMT 2000

Compiling the gcc suite with --prefix and
--exec-prefix causes problems with g++'s include
search path.  A quick look at 'g++ -v' shows that it
doesn't know anything about the architecture
independent directory.  It compiles and works fine
with only the --prefix option.  I've configured with
the following:

Tru64 4.0F: --prefix=/prg/local/GENERIc

HP-UX 10.20: --prefix=/prg/local/GENERIC
--exec-prefix=/prg/local/HP_10 --enable-shared
--with-gnu-as --host=hppa1.1-hp-hpux10.20

Joshua Weage

Joshua Weage
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