[PATCH] _IO_USER_LOCK and libstdc++-v3

Benjamin Kosnik bkoz@redhat.com
Wed Oct 4 12:07:00 GMT 2000

> Though the contents of libio/ and libstdc++-v3/libio/ are quite different, 
> but if they have to be separate, why isn't it named libio-v3/ and living in 
> the topdir?

libtool-ifcation, automake-ifcation etc.

> glibc-2.1/libio.h != gcc/libio/libio.h != glibc-2.2/libio.h != 
> gcc/libstdc++-v3/libio/libio.h
> The last 2 are quite close though. 

FYI: Uli and I have been working on merging the libio code between glibc-2.2 
and libstdc++-v3 since June. We're pretty close, as noted, but not 100% 
there yet. 

Chip, if you still have problems and need this patch please let me know.


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