Strange segmentation fault

Toon Moene
Mon Oct 2 17:11:00 GMT 2000

Bernard Heymann wrote:
> We are baffled by a problem that cropped up in one of our Fortran
> programs compiled using g77, which compiles and runs when compiled with
> the IRIX MIPSpro f90 compiler or the VMS Fortran compiler. When we call
> a subroutine with arguments required to dimension an array, we get a
> segmentation fault in the subroutine call. Decreasing the size of the
> array being dimensioned below a certain threshold solved the problem.

You're running into the limit on available stacksize on your system.

g77 allocates "automatic arrays" (like the ones you use) on the stack,
and the allocation that corresponds to the crash apparently exceeds the
available space.

See if you can enhance the available stack space with

ulimit -s <size>

Hope this helps,

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