Your aliasing patch

Richard Kenner
Wed May 31 13:35:00 GMT 2000

    Once again, I do not believe that you ran the C++ test-suite before
    checking in this change to the C++ front-end:

I did, but I get so many failures due to some misconfiguration that
I can't always tell which are new.  I should try to figure out why I
get the errors, but I suspect it's some library that I don't understand
since I don't know C++.

    The use of TREE_ADDRESSABLE on a FIELD_DECL is not documented in
    tree.h, and you did not add any documentation to that affect.

Well, it's not really documented much at all, let alone this usage.
I'll try to get something there.

    In addition, I'm not sure what you're using this bit for on a

It means that it is permissible to take the address of that field

    However, if you're going to set the bit on all
    non-bitfield FIELD_DECLs, then you could just check for:

That's true for C and C++, but not for other languages.  No fields
in Java are addressable and only those explicitly marked by the user
are in Ada.

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