G++ reuses assembly labels

Philipp Thomas pthomas@suse.de
Mon May 29 06:48:00 GMT 2000

* Greg Noel (GregNoel@san.rr.com) [20000529 12:51]:

> As a result, the .ii file is almost 900K and even the compressed image is
> 127K, well over your submission limit.

Note that the limit for this list hast been raised to 200K, so the
compressed file should be accepted.


Philipp Thomas <pthomas@suse.de>
Development, SuSE GmbH, Schanzaecker Str. 10, D-90443 Nuremberg, Germany

#define NINODE  50              /* number of in core inodes */
#define NPROC   30              /* max number of processes */
 	-- Version 7 UNIX fuer PDP 11, /usr/include/sys/param.h

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