SegFault in created C++ binary

Ingo Krabbe
Thu May 25 10:09:00 GMT 2000

host = i586-pc-linux-gnu

Hi debuggers,

I don't think thats really a bug, its more or less my personal
but I think my configuration is common enough to send to this list.

First of all the newly compiled gcc-2.95.2 works well with my systems
library. The time I encounter a problem is when I'm trying to build
a C++ binary with an own glibc library which went into another path than
standard one. Here is my configuration:

        1. built binutils, gcc and gdb with the system libraries
                and installed them into --prefix=/home/System

        2. built a new glibc-2.1.3 with --prefix=/home/NativeLibc

        3. configured the specs file to -dynamic-linker

        4. set LD_RUN_PATH=/home/NativeLibc/lib:/home/System/lib,
                set LIBRARY_PATH=$LD_RUN_PATH
                optional set C_INCLUDE_PATH=/home/NativeLibc/include

        5. tried to compile a simple hello, world ! with iostream and
cout ...

        6. ./a.out gives a segmentation fault in genops.c:197
                when it tries to call _IO_OVERFLOW

        Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
        0x400c5d3d in __overflow (f=0x4004b9a0, ch=-1) at genops.c:197
        197       return _IO_OVERFLOW (f, ch);
        (gdb) l
        192     int
        193     __overflow (f, ch)
        194          _IO_FILE *f;
        195          int ch;
        196     {
        197       return _IO_OVERFLOW (f, ch);
        198     }

The same happens after recompiling the complete gcc with the new
hmm... the gcc works with the new libraries but not the c++

I think that must be a fixed header problem or a libstdc++ recompile

I don't know what to do anymore in this state. I'm going to bed now,
please help me ...



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