gcc2.95 says-"non local function uses anonymous type"

Pran Joseph pran@procsys.com
Mon May 22 02:24:00 GMT 2000


    I installed gcc 2.95.2 package on my freebsd 3.4 i386 machine.
gcc with freebsd install is gcc

gcc295 -v is giving the output below -->
  Reading specs from
  gcc version 2.95.2 19991024 (release)

When I use gcc295 to compile my programs i am getting some errors. Same
file was working fine with gcc 2.7

gcc295 error--->

 In file included from test.cpp
 test.h:5: non local function 'struct {anonymous}  * OpenDatabase(int)
uses anonymous type

test .h file contents -->

:4 #include<gdbm.h>
:5 GDBM_FILE OpenDatabase(int);

  Any one of you encountered  this problem or know how to solve this

-Pran Joseph

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