G++: GC-related ICE in CVS version

Chip Salzenberg chip@valinux.com
Thu May 18 00:16:00 GMT 2000

According to Martin v. Loewis:
> > > My guess is that this is not a gc bug, but that a field of some tree
> > > or rtx is corrupted. It would be interesting to know who the caller of
> > > this function was, and at what point the value 0x60 was written into
> > > that field.
> > 
> > The former can be determined, but the latter can't (not with my
> > current tool set, anyway).
> I'm curious: Why can't you set a watch point on that address in gdb?

I didn't think of that.  But still, I don't know how the GC system
works, and I have only passing familiarity with much of GCC's
internals.  So it would require non-trivial effort to discover which
assignment is the corrupting one.
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