internal compiler error in gcc-2.95.2/PPC with -funroll-all-loops

Franz Sirl
Thu May 11 02:56:00 GMT 2000

At 09:28 11.05.00, Steven G. Johnson wrote:
>The infinite-loop bug in gcc on the PowerPC that I was encountering
>( ) seems to have
>disappeared in the latest CVS snapshot.
>Or at least, I can't reproduce it any more using the same test case.
>Since no one specifically said that they fixed it, the cynical view would
>be that the underlying bug is still there but is just no longer triggered
>in this particular case.

I know there were some fixes dealing with possible endless loops during 
compilation and it was already fixed in CVS when you reported your 
testcase, I just didn't have time to thoroughly hunt for the correct patch 
to backport it for gcc-2.95.3pre yet, but this is still on my list :-).


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