GCC can't count operands.

Tony Mantler eek@escape.ca
Fri Mar 24 17:49:00 GMT 2000

At 5:39 PM -0600 3/24/2000, Alexandre Oliva wrote:
>On Mar 24, 2000, Tony Mantler <eek@escape.ca> wrote:
>> That doesn't really help. There's more than enough registers on m68k
>> to support more than 10 operands, even without using f and m, so
>> sane and proper code breaks. This really isn't a good thing.
>But what's your point?  Are you volunteering to modify GCC so that it
>accepts more than 10 operands in ASM statements, and to find a way to
>represent them in the ASM pattern?  Remember that there are only 10
>digits in decimal, so you'd have a little bit of trouble to represent
>the 11th operand in "%?".

Parsing "%[0-9]+" doesn't strike me as being a terribly difficult.

And no, I'm not volunteering for any tasks. I'm pointing out a bug (simple
valid code that won't compile) and asking you guys nicely to fix it. That's
what a *-bugs mailing list is for. If you don't want to fix it, then I'll
just have to live with a broken compiler, but you shouldn't expect me to be
happy about it.

Cheers - Tony :)

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