Internal error, RHv6.0 i386 gcc v2.95.2

Alexandre Oliva
Thu Mar 9 18:44:00 GMT 2000

On Mar  9, 2000, "Martin v. Loewis" <> wrote:

>> Incidentally, the C++ standard does not allow partial specializations
>> to be declared as friends.  Only full specializations are allowed.

> Out of curiosity, and off-topic: Where exactly does it allow that?

[temp.friend]/1 says a friend can be [...] a specialization of a
funciton template or class template [...].  The example just below
exemplifies that.

> There is a core issue 68 where the grammar mistakenly disallows
> specializations, but even with this fixed, I don't see where it says
> what the meaning of

>   friend class-key ::-opt nested-name-specifier-opt template-id

> would be, if it where allowed.

IMO, it's just implied by the fact that such a full specialization of
a class template is a class.

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