ARM code generation bug with -O2...

Scott Bambrough
Thu Jun 29 06:34:00 GMT 2000

There was a testcase included in the message.  The original problem was noticed
compiling nfscache.c in the ARM Linux kernel.  I reduced the code that caused
the warning to about 15 lines of C code included in the message.

Compiling that with `gcc -c -O2 -save-temps scott.c` yields the warning and
assembler listing I included.

There shouldn't be a problem including it in the testsuite, the original file is
GPL'ed and I have a copyright assignment on file.


Jeffrey A Law wrote:
>   In message < >you write:
>   > >Should the compiler be generating this assembler construct?
>   >
>   > No.  The generated code you quoted derives no advantage from the post-inc
>   > and this construct is fairly clearly bogus.  Do you have a testcase?
> And where does the testcase come from ;-)  I'd like to see it added to
> our regression testsuite.
> jeff

Scott Bambrough - Software Engineer

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