debug information

Geoff Keating
Fri Jun 23 15:04:00 GMT 2000 writes:

> I've tried to include debug information in the file generated in the linker, with the format
> "OUTPUT(output.bin coff-arm-little)" for Strongarm target.
> The problem is, when I tried to include the debug information in the file, by doing objcopy, an
> error came out saying:
> "don't know how to write debugging information for binary".
> This appears to be the same for all formats supported (arm),e.g. srecord, hex etc, which i find a
> bit puzzling.
> Out of my wits, I'm not sure if it's the linker. Please advise.

The error message is correct.  srecord and hex don't have any way to
represent debugging information.

You probably don't really want to download debugging information to
your board, anyway.  Intead you want to use gdb on the local machine.
The gdb documentation has examples of how to do this, I think.

- Geoffrey Keating <>

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