Cross compile - cygwin to VxWorks
Fri Jun 16 07:56:00 GMT 2000

	thanks for the hint.

I have tried the latest snapshot and eventually managed a build. Here's a
log of my trials and tribulations - roughly in order.

Fail when compiling in config with INT_ASM_OP undefined, which I circumvent

make CC='gcc -Dmake CC='gcc -DINT_ASM_OP=\".long\"'

I then run into a long standing problem where size_t is the wrong type,
which I fix by editing vxi386.h - adding

#undef SIZE_TYPE
#define SIZE_TYPE "unsigned int"

#define WCHAR_TYPE "char"

I then into a problem in fixinc where the make indicates it needs autogen -
and I download it from where it tells

 me but could not  get it to compile under cygwin. I tried the latest
version 4.5.11 but this will not compile either - even after I fixed some
silly little problems. I reverted to 4.5.8 and eventually got it to compile
- after loading the latest libtool. (hope I never have to repeat this as I
am unsure what I did)

Back to gcc/fixinc

make clean;make

AutoGen-ing fixincl.x
autogen ERROR 2: cannot open fixincl:  No such file or directory
make[1]: *** [fixincl.x] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory `/gnu/egcs-20000612/gcc/fixinc'
make: *** [] Error 2

deleted fixincl.exe (not removed by make clean)

make clean;make

success this appears to work. HOWEVER if you do it again it fails. So I had
to make clean AND delete fixincl.exe gain before it works.

That's it and the gcc/g++ build ok


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> I have tried to build a cross compiler using snapshot 20000605 hosted on
> cygwin and targeted to vxWorks. I get a compilation error for file
> intl/localealias.c using memcpy (lines 337/342).

Try the 20000612 snapshop. That one contains my fixes for the intl stuff and
should work as expected.


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