gdb and cywin
Mon Jun 5 03:29:00 GMT 2000


I don't know where I should report this. Sorry for the inconvenience if I
should write somewhere else, I am afraid I got a bit lost between
Cygnus/GNUPro/gdb, etc. Could you let me know if (where) I should redirect
my request? Thank you very much in advance.

I am using cygwin from cygnus solution to emulate unix on windows NT.
I use gcc from cygwin to compile C programs in this environment and I would
like to debug them using gdb. Unfortunatly I encounter problems doing so.
Here are the messages I receive:


[failed reading symbols from DLL]
"/WINNT/system32/advapi32.dll": error reading line numbers

[failed reading symbols from DLL]
"/WINNT/system32/KERNEL32.dll": error reading line numbers


Does this sound familiar? Is there a quick fix?
Thanks in advance for your help,

Cecile Cordier

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