Failure in bootstrap with --enable-checking on i686-linux-gnu

David Starner
Thu Jan 27 11:05:00 GMT 2000

I bootstraped a cvs checkout as of last night with --enable-checking.
It failed in building the libobjc stuff with xgcc. Roughly (I really
need to start running these things under script)

xgcc libobjc/sendmsg.c
libobjc/sendmsg.c: In function 'objc_msg_sendv':
libobjc/sendmsg.c:204: RTL check: expected code 'set' or 'clobber', have 'use'
libobjc/sendmsg.c:204: Internal compiler error in 'mark_referenced_resources',
at resource.c:357

It was build on Debian GNU/Linux Woody (unstable), with glibc2.1, 
kernel 2.2.14, and the 20000116 version of the gcc-2_95-branch.

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