Still a lot of C++ files getting "fixed"

Phil Edwards
Tue Jan 25 12:29:00 GMT 2000

 Mark Mitchell <> writes:
>     >>  My recollection is that this can change the meaning of some
>     >> ANSI/ISO C programs.  But, I don't remember how, so I could be
>     >> wrong.
>     Matt> x = y //**/z ;
> Thanks for reminding me.
>     Matt> I tend to think that anyone who puts this kind of garbage in
>     Matt> a header deserves what they get, of course. 
> True.  But, -ansi is specifically documented to be pedantically ANSI;
> that's its whole purpose in life.

Very true.

>  So, either we should can it, or
> make sure it does what it's there fore.

Since the C99 standard now specifies the same results as C++98, wouldn't
"pedantically ANSI" now /require/ the new behavior?  "Pedantically ANSI
with some back-compatability" would allow the C89 meaning that we're used
to, etc, etc.

My two timeslices, is all.

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