Bug report

RNG r.gasch@chello.nl
Mon Jan 24 14:06:00 GMT 2000


I'm using gcc-2.95.2 on Intel Linux (Mandrake 6.1) and seem to have run into a
bug which is reproducable by compiling the attached file with "g++ -c t.cc" .
On a mailing list I was told: 

> This means usually that the Object you are trying to connect
> to is not derived from SigC::Object.   The compiler should have
> failed a check earlier, but appearently the check isn't on every
> path.  File a bug report that it some unknown path can get to register_data
> without a check.  (Very minor.)

As the processed source file compresses to > 130K, I have made it available
via HTTP at

If you can, please let me know when you have grabbed the file so that I can
delete it off the server ...

--> Robert

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