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Secret Formula To Generating Wads Of Cash Online -- Finally Revealed!


Dear Internet Friend,
It's truly unbelievable. I stumbled across an extremely simple formula that is guaranteed to generate a positive cash flow online.  If you're interested in making hundreds or even thousands of dollars a month, then you better listen up:

The Internet is very much like the Wild West; it's tough to know who is really telling the truth.  There are a whole lot of individual's online making bogus claims.  It's truly insane!  In a moment I will explain in detail what I have to offer you.  But first, allow me to explain to you why you should believe me versus the next guy:


1. There is no way on the face of the earth that I can sit here and tell you that you are going to make $50,000 dollars a year, or even a hundred dollars a day.  I have no idea of what your background is, nor do I know your skill level.  Don't fall for those foolish claims -- use a little common sense.

2. I have been consulting for online businesses for over seven years, I have trained everyone from small home businesses to fortune 500 companies, on how to make a huge profit online.  Think about it, you don't survive in the consulting business long if you don't know what you are talking about.

3. Information is the hottest selling product online!  Think about it... Back in the day when people wanted to know something they simply went to their local library and hoped they could find what they were looking for.  Today people jump online and look for it instead of looking at their local library they can now search the whole world!  I have yet to search for something and not find it. 

You can sell just about any type of information online just keep in mind one man's stupidity is another man's wisdom.  

Wads of Cash is a collection of some of the hottest selling information on the planet.  The information found on the Wads of Cash CD-Rom has been tested and proven to give you results.  If you are wanting me to tell you that my Wads of Cash CD-Rom is going to produce instant results for you I can not!  Once again I stress the point that I don't know you...  I don't know your level of commitment to your success.  However I can guarantee you that you will get ten times what you put into it.

Don't Take My Word For It Read Rave Reviews From a Few Satisfied Customers!

"$858.71 Sold in 3 Weeks"
"I have four other websites that do not generate as much as the report that I pulled from your Wads of Cash CD-Rom."

"$2,000 Over 1 Weekend"
"I resold the Wads of Cash CD-Rom as-is for $99 dollars.  I just sent e-mails to my opt-in list within the hour faxes and orders just started rolling in!"

"$50,000 Sold in Print!"
"I printed out the reports that I found to be excellent ones and placed them in a three ring binder.  I then took digital pictures of my finished product and entitled it 'The Worlds Greatest How To Book'.  I now have my wife working at home full-time, just fulfilling the orders as they roll-in.  I have even been looking into doing one of those infomercials.  If I can make $50,000 by working a few hours a week, just imagine what I could do if I worked fulltime!"

                     !!! YOU MUST READ THIS PART !!!

I am willing to sell you my entire informational product line with FULL REPRINT RIGHTS and complete step-by-step instructions. 

All I ask for is...$49 and I will include FREE Priority Mail Shipping! Yes, I said $49. There are no zeros missing.

There are two drawbacks:
1. I am sending this ad to 10,000 other people...and I will only allow 100 kits to be sold. It wouldn't make much sense if I sold this kit to 1000 or 2000 people...The market would be saturated with these same manuals.  

2. Your order MUST be in before January 25, 2000.  If I receive your order any later than that I will simply trash it!  Chances are, I will get all 100 within a week's time. So if this is something you are interested in fill out the order form below to fax your order.
Even if you decide to pass this up...Don't sweat it. It's not like I am going to be mad or anything like that. I know I will get my 100-order limit really fast. 

For only $49.00, I am going to let you have the easiest money you will ever make. The manuals are written, the ads are presented, the advertising plan is laid out, and all you have to do is place the ads.

Do it today! Rush me your payment of $49.00 right now...and get your very own "WADS OF CASH SYSTEM".  You can start with one or two manuals...even the day you receive the package...and then expand to include ALL of them!

For $49.00, you have everything you need to make a killing with your very own business. If you want to make real money - then this offer is for you!  
"One of my reports sold over 50 copies within 2 weeks! They sold for $99 and I was able to copy them for under 50 cents each. Wait till I start marketing the other products included in this line!!!"

Will Chandler - Bullet Proof Marketing

*** Complete the form and fax it to: (801) 681-3797 *** All faxes must be received before 1/25/00.  We have a limited quantity and orders will be shipped on a first come first serve basis.

Full Name ________________________________________________________

Address __________________________________________________________

City _____________________________________________________________

State/Province _____________________________________________________

Zip Code _________________________________________________________

Phone Number ____________________________________________________

E-Mail ___________________________________________________________

Credit Card Type ___________________________________________________

Card Number ______________________________________________________

Expiration Date ____________________________________________________

____  Please rush me my "Wads of Cash System".

***    SEND FAX TO: (801) 681-3797 ***

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