problem in Hitachi SH mulsi3?

Jeffrey A Law
Mon Jan 17 19:31:00 GMT 2000

  In message < >you write:
  > While I was searching for other examples of REG_LIBCALL/REG_RETVAL usage,
  > I found this comment in for the addsi3 expander:
  > ;; We want to avoid using explicit registers; reload won't tell us
  > ;; if it has to spill them and may generate incorrect code in such
  > ;; cases.
  > Does this comment apply to the Hitachi SH mulsi3 expander pattern as well?
  > I currently have a sample where reload fails to generate a spill/restore 
  > for a macl used by the mulsi3 pattern (Cygnus case 102938) and if this
  > comment is relevant, then it would explain why this problem occurs.
This was an issue for targets that defined SMALL_REGISTER_CLASSES until
Bernd's 1998 reload revamp.  The comment is out of date and can/should
be removed (I'll deal with that in a moment).


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