use of alloca: choice of CC

Golubev I. N.
Wed Jan 12 07:06:00 GMT 2000

On 10 Jan 2000 13:13:30 -0200 Alexandre Oliva wrote:

> Which means you're linking gcc-produced object files using a non-gcc
> compiler.  This is not supposed to work.

Yes, I tried to avoid using gcc- compiled objects.  But rebuilding,
e. g., alloca.o also failed.

Remember, stage1 was built by some older gcc, but afterwards `make'
tries to use cc.  This is the main problem.

> Can't you just `cp stage1/cc1 .' and `make install' (but note that
> this cc1 won't be optimized).  Alternatively, you can `rm cc1; make
> stage3; make cc1; mv stage3/* .', so you'll get an optimized cc1
> compiled with the bootstrap compiler.

Installing stage1 cc1 (or any other cc1) is not required.  I do not
want neither original stage1/cc1 nor cc1 from any further stage.  I
want cc1 that would appear in stage1 if my changes to gcc sources were
made before that build.  In other words, I want to rebuild cc1 with
tools used for building stage1, in particular, original CC, which is
*not* cc.  (Certainly, rebuilding some common *.o with that old CC is
also required).

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