Solaris 8 64-bit C compilation fails to add .register declaration

Martin v. Loewis
Mon Jan 10 17:11:00 GMT 2000

> I believe this non-emission constitutes a bug.

Thanks for your bug report. This is a bug, indeed. It is not the only

> I found instructions for building a 64-bit-capable GCC for Solaris 8
> on UltraSPARCs

Don't follow such instructions. They mislead you by giving the
impression that gcc supports sparcv9 (aka sparc64). It does not. Don't
use gcc on that architecture, at least not in 64-bit mode. It is not
supported, and has numerous bugs.


P.S. If I only could get the FAQ-o-matic to work for me again, so I
could add this to the FAQ...

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