pointers to member functions with multiple inheritance

Andrew Boardman boardman@wbourne.com
Sat Jan 8 23:20:00 GMT 2000


In one of those thoughts that strikes me right before I fall asleep, I
realized that what is probably happening is a bug related to the virtual
inheritance of the class that defines the member function I'm getting a
pointer to.  This was verified when I commented out the virtual inheritance
and the code ran perfectly.

Hope that helps,

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> It involves using pointers to member functions when the member function
> belongs to a class that has multiple parents.  In the example code,
> basically identical code is show for single inheritance (which works), and
> multiple, which seg faults.

Thanks for your bug report. The mainline compiler (2.96 19991222
(experimental)) has the bug fixed. If you want to apply the fix to
your compiler, you can get it from



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