Internal compiler error in `schedule_block', at sched.c:3451

Andris Pavenis
Tue Jan 4 02:08:00 GMT 2000

On Tue, 04 Jan 2000, Zdenìk OGAR Skalák wrote:
> Hi,
>   I'd like to report a bug (at Macro$hit they call it feature :-), the
> .ii and the whole command line & output for compiling with -v
> ---save-temps are in the eclosure, packed by  
> gzip.
>   This project was compiled on Cyrix 166+, under MSDOS 6.22 and on AMD
> 400, under Win95, both with the same GCC and the same result :-) I don't
> know, what, why and when it happened. If you wold like, I could send you
> version before and after of my program, which both are compiled fine
> with the same compiler settings.
>   Bye
>     Zdenek OGAR Skalak

Tested with gcc-2.95.2 (i586-pc-msdosdjgpp and i586-pc-linux-gnu) and got
internal compiler errors in both cases (when I copied all command line options
from attachment). 

gcc-2.96 20000103 (experimental) on i586-pc-linux-gnu compiles it Ok (except
than some warnings due to differences of builtin defs). So perhaps this problem
is fixed in current CVS version.


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