c/1027: slightly misleading printf format warning

Gabriel Dos_Reis gdosreis@sophia.inria.fr
Sun Dec 10 04:45:00 GMT 2000

| On 10 Dec 2000, Gabriel Dos Reis wrote:
| > I've already put in the necessary machinery for so doing in
| > diagnostics.*.  What remains to be done is to replace error_with_decl()
| > and warning_with_decl() to error() and warning() (maybe error_at())
| > with use of those specifiers.  That was planed but I didn't get the
| > chance to finish the work.  Already on my TODO list but I would love
| > to assist any taker.
| What's also needed for the present PR is for the code in cp/error.c for
| formatting types to move to common code where C can use it as well.  (I'd
| guess that most of it can probably be shared, though stylistic differences
| such as "int*" for C++ versus "int *" for C should be allowed for.  

Certainly.  In C++ we tend to systematically print scopes and such.
But it is true that all those differences can be parameterized through
call-backs.  The codes in cp/error.c are still under development
(although there has been no visible activity about them).
In the long run cp_error() and cp_warning() are supposed to killed in
favor of error() and warning().

| ... Or, a
| version covering only C types might be a lot simpler.)  The existing code
| in c-lang.c
|     case 'D':
|     case 'F':
|     case 'T':
|       {
|         const char *n = DECL_NAME (t)
|           ? (*decl_printable_name) (t, 2)
|           : "({anonymous})";
|         output_add_string (buffer, n);
|       }
|       return 1;
| along with the default decl_printable_name / decl_name doesn't seem
| adequate for even the simple case of this PR (where a name for a pointer
| type should be constructed).

Do you see a better short term solution?

-- Gaby
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