c/1017: -Wmissing-format-attribute gives too many warnings

Andreas Jaeger aj@suse.de
Fri Dec 8 12:28:00 GMT 2000

>>>>> Joseph S Myers writes:

 > On 8 Dec 2000, Andreas Jaeger wrote:
>> >> extern void dbg_log (const char *str, ...)
>> >> __attribute__ ((__format__ (__printf__, 1, 0)));

>> It came from real code.  Inspired by your patch for syslog on
>> libc-alpha, I added the format checking code to nscd/dbg_log.h - but
>> it seems I misunderstood the GCC manual.  I'll change glibc now to use
>> a 1 for the attribute.

 >  ... that should of course be (__printf__, 1, 2).
It should - and that's what I checked in an hour ago.  I first send
the email away and then fixed glibc correctly.

Thanks for noticing,
 Andreas Jaeger
  SuSE Labs aj@suse.de
   private aj@arthur.inka.de

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