ICE in cpp from gcc-2.95.1 on Linux/alpha

Glen Nakamura
Thu Sep 30 19:57:00 GMT 1999

> cpp: Internal compiler error in `rescan', at ../../gcc/gcc/cccp.c:3148
> Please submit a full bug report.
> See <URL: > for instructions.
> This happens while compiling the file XFree86-3.3.5/xc/programs/xterm/screen.c
> from the XFree86 package, version 3.3.5.
> Note that the error goes away if I specify -D__NO_STRING_INLINES (or if I 
> compile without optimization).
> Please let me know if I should provide some of my local files (I tried a 
> --save-temps, but the .i file is empty...)
> Cheers,
>                                         Christian

I ran into the same problem...  I submitted a patch to cccp.c to fix

- glen

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