2.95.1 install bugs

paul_edwards@hypercom.com paul_edwards@hypercom.com
Thu Sep 30 19:57:00 GMT 1999

Ok, rather than try to find out whether HPUX make was POSIX compliant
or not I just decided to download gnumake, and that fixed (3).
However, it then got me to the next error:

4. Getting error about xm_alloc.h not found, see attached file "made2"

Also, since compiling gnu make, I realise there is another inherent

5. The compiles all have the "-g" option in them, which is invalid for
my C compiler.  When I build gnu make, configure explicitly said "seeing
if -g is OK... NO".  It appears that gcc's configure doesn't do this?

Back to (2) and no, I can't find a "-E" in config.cache, and I put
some debug info in there, including trying to put double-quotes
around the ". $config_cache" line in etc/configure, like the other
". " was like, and that didn't make the problem go away either.
I think it's a /bin/sh bug, I'll see if I can work around it 

Thanks for the help.  Paul.

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Subject: Re: 2.95.1 install bugs 
Author:  Alexandre Oliva <oliva@lsd.ic.unicamp.br> at INTERNET
Date:    09/27/99 03:45 PM

On Sep 27, 1999, <paul_edwards@hypercom.com> wrote:
>      3. I ran "make" regardless, and get error "No source 
>      file argv.c".
Are you sure you're using GNU make or some other POSIX-compliant make, 
as per the installation instructions?
> Configuring etc...
> loading cache ../config.cache
> ./../gcc-2.95.1/etc/configure: -E}: not found
This might be a bug in cache loading code, or it could just be that 
HPUX 8's /bin/sh loses...  Is there any line in config.cache 
containing -E?
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