Problems building gcc-2.95.1

Peter Breitenlohner
Thu Sep 30 09:33:00 GMT 1999

The file gcc-2.95.1.tar.gz (of Aug 16) contains among many other
things the source for the CHILL compiler and this compiler is also
built by default ("make bootstap").

For ix86-linux-gnulibc1 (and may be ix86-linux-gnu as well) this
fails because the compilation of gcc-2.95.1/libchill/basicio.c
yields an error (PATH_MAX undeclared, two times). This was done for
I have fixed this by adding '#include <sys/param.h>' (see the enclosed
patch). I am, however, not quite sure whether or not this patch can be
safely applied for all targets.

I don't care much for the CHILL compiler, but since it is built by
default, the compilation should certainly not fail!

Peter Breitenlohner <>

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