[bug report] gcc-2.95.1 on Solaris x86 2.5

Alexandre Oliva oliva@lsd.ic.unicamp.br
Fri Sep 17 22:58:00 GMT 1999

On Sep 17, 1999, I Lee Hetherington <ilh@sls.lcs.mit.edu> wrote:

> When building with --with-stabs, the build dies with an error, something
> about -s being ambiguous to GNU as (not sure which version).  Sorry, but
> I didn't save the error message.

That's because --with-stabs uses a configuration file that causes as
to be invoked with the `-s' flag, that Solaris as accepts, but GNU as
does not, not even in the latest pre-release, unless the following
patch is installed in GNU as:

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