Bug in g++ Compiler 2.95.1 (on Solaris2.6)

Patrick Connolly Patrick_Connolly@NetcomSystems.com
Mon Sep 13 10:01:00 GMT 1999

Title: Bug in g++ Compiler 2.95.1 (on Solaris2.6)

When I attempt to compile this code on gcc 2.95.1 (on Solaris 2.6):
#include <string>
#include <set>
#include <map>
void main (void) 
    map< string, set< string > > m;
...I get this error message:
>g++ nested.c
/usr/ccs/bin/as: "/var/tmp/cc2wJTOk.s", line 281: error: can't compute value of an expression involving an external symbol

This only occurs when the map key is a string and the the set is a set of strings.
This is a bug,  right?
We used standard procedure to install the compiler (unmodified).  
The "ii" file produced using the command "g++ -save-temps nested.c" is attached.

Please Advise,
Patrick Connolly

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