inaccurate error message, when disk gets full

Matthias Klose
Sun Sep 5 08:22:00 GMT 1999

When there is no free space left on the disk, cc1 (2.95.1/Linux) gives an
inaccurate error message:

compiling gcc -c foo.i
	cc1: /tmp/cclXcspZ.s: I/O error

More accurate messages are printed for the following cases:

compiling gcc -save-temps -o foo foo.c
	foo.o: No space left on device
	foo.s: Assembler messages:
	foo.s:4639: FATAL: Can't close foo.o
	: No space left on device

compiling gcc -c foo.c
	cpp: /tmp/ccjRrMUa.i: No space left on device

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