Incorrect loop generation code generated by gcc-2.95.2 configured for PPC target (powerpc-rtems) (extracted directly from cvs the 21/10/99)

Jeffrey A Law
Sun Oct 31 23:03:00 GMT 1999

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  > This bug is present in gcc-2.95.1 and in the gcc snapshot extracted the
  > 21 th October from CVS with the correct gcc-2.95.2 branch tag.
  > Attached with this mail you will find :
  > 	1) The C code that triggers the bug (standalone so that you can
  > regenerate it)
  > 	2) The side by side asm code generated by egcc 1.1.2 (-mcpu=604) and
  > gcc-2.95.2 (-mcpu=750) (and probably gcc-2.95.1 as the bug also happens
  > with this gcc version) 
  > 	3) The explanation of the bug in the form of commented asm,
  > Basically the bug is due to the new way used to generate C "for"
  > instruction. Now for the PPC targets the PPC' "CTR" register is used in
  > cunjunction of the "bdnz". The problem is that the CTR register is
  > automatically decremented by the bdnz instruction but the CTR value is
  > not always used as the input value for the index variable of the loop.
  > See comments in the asm code.
I've got a fix for this, but I'm not sure whether or not I'm comfortable with
including it in gcc-2.95.2 this late in the process.  We'll see.


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