"format not a string literal"

Michael Meissner meissner@cygnus.com
Sun Oct 31 23:03:00 GMT 1999

On Thu, Oct 14, 1999 at 11:55:11AM -0600, Jeffrey A Law wrote:
>   In message < 199910141402.KAA21437@caip.rutgers.edu >you write:
>   > Perhaps we leave off this behavior when invoked through -Wall but turn
>   > it on when invoked through -Wformat?  I.e. we could set the variable
>   > `warn_format' to either 1 or 2 like we do for other warnings and test
>   > for == 2 before showing the "not a string literal" message.
> That would be fine with me.

I couldn't find the original message Jeff was replying to so I could reply to
that.  I really hope we would start using enums for multistate switches, and
not magic values, ie:

	enum format_warnings

	extern enum format_warnings warn_format;

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