ARM platform: Error - Can not represent OFFSET_IMM8 relocation

Philip Blundell
Sun Oct 31 23:03:00 GMT 1999

>code.s: Assembler messages:
>code.s:89: Error: Can not represent OFFSET_IMM8 relocation in this
>object file format (1)

>Can someone try it with the new compiler and constant pool handling code.  
>I cannot bootstrap the mainline GCC code.

The mainline code wouldn't bootstrap for me either last time I tried (Richard 
sent me a patch to fix one bug, though he doesn't seem to have gotten around 
to checking it in yet and there seem to be other problems anyway).  

But I can't reproduce your failure using a cross compiler built from the 
mainline, nor actually with a 2.95 native compiler.  Ho hum.


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