Bug report for 2.95.2

Georg C. F. Greve greve@gnu.org
Sun Oct 31 09:43:00 GMT 1999


Since the gcc asked me to send a bug report because of an "internal
compiler error". So here I go:

 * GCC Version: 2.95.2
 * System:      GNU/Linux

The problem arose when working on my latest C++ project. I need to
have timestamps for my objects, so I have thought about a clean and
portable "pure C++" way of solving this.

The best option I´ve found was "#include <ctime>" and then go with the
clock_t clock() function - which of course requires a "std::clock_t
timestamp" field. Since I was experimenting with "struct timeval"
before, I had a "struct std::clock_t timeval" field, which caused the
compiler to die with an internal compiler error.

Removing the leading "struct" eliminated all problems - which is
probably okay, but an internal compiler error is probably not the
best output in such a case. :-)

I consider the problem to be kind of easy to reproduce and not very
dramatic, so I am saving me the trouble of sending the temporaries. If
you should need them I will create them, though...


P.S. If you have a better suggestion for a clean timestamp, please let
me know - I´d be very interested to hear your suggestions.

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