Stuart Meikle stuart@bastionsoftware.com
Tue Oct 26 02:34:00 GMT 1999

Hi folks,

What I'm trying to do:-> pass unknown parameters to a remote function
running on a similar machine and return the results. machine
configurations are the same - i expect to be able to call the remote
functions directly using a copy of the stack from the other machine.

blah. anyway i see that there are 3 functions : __builtin_apply ,
__builtin_apply_args, etc which should enable me to do this. but, in fact
don't because they say that one of the parameters is 'tricky' to
calculate. this makes them rather useless as there's a danger i can mess
the stack up by getting size wrong.

i guess forming function calls is done all the time in GCC, so i can't
understand why these functions are so mysterious. can we fix them ?? I can
do this myself if you guys are busy, but then where can I find out about
gcc's function-calling strategy ? ( I see from assembler output that's its
not quite as trivial as pushing the parameters onto the stack and then
popping them off in the function ).

anyway, any help would be appreciated, thanks


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