Throwing fubarred on i686-pc-linux-gnu?

Michael Vance
Wed Oct 20 17:07:00 GMT 1999

To the best of my knowledge I am not causing these errors--and so
dmalloc assures me. They didn't happen yesterday ;).

Attached is a backtrace which shows an attempted NULL free(). The line
numbers for frame.c are wacked--maybe I am piddling on the stack
somehow? I'm also seeing bad behaviour where data inside a class is
being munged immediately stepping outside of the constructor.


Programmer                         "I wrote a song about dental floss,
Loki Entertainment Software         but did anyone's teeth get cleaner?"              - Frank Zappa, re: the PMRC
Breakpoint 1, dmalloc_error (func=0x82ee459 "_chunk_free") at error.c:398
398       if (_dmalloc_logpath != NULL
(gdb) p dmalloc_errno
$2 = 20
(gdb) where
#0  dmalloc_error (func=0x82ee459 "_chunk_free") at error.c:398
#1  0x824db49 in _chunk_free (
    file=0x82885a2 "\215eÈ\213M\b[\213\001^_\211ì]Ãë\r", '\220' <repeats 13 times>, "U\211å\213U\b1É\213\002\205Àt\034\211ö\203z\004", line=0, pnt=0x0, 
    realloc_b=0) at chunk.c:2718
#2  0x824961b in _loc_free (
    file=0x82885a2 "\215eÈ\213M\b[\213\001^_\211ì]Ãë\r", '\220' <repeats 13 times>, "U\211å\213U\b1É\213\002\205Àt\034\211ö\203z\004", line=0, pnt=0x0)
    at malloc.c:722
#3  0x82497ea in free (pnt=0x0) at malloc.c:870
#4  0x82885a2 in end_fde_sort (accu=0xbffff658, count=0)
    at ../../egcs/gcc/frame.c:635
#5  0x8288788 in frame_init (ob=0x4001b7f4) at ../../egcs/gcc/frame.c:635
#6  0x82887e6 in find_fde (pc=0x402a9cb2) at ../../egcs/gcc/frame.c:635
#7  0x8288f23 in __frame_state_for (pc_target=0x402a9cb2, state_in=0xbffff8f0)
    at ../../egcs/gcc/frame.c:636
#8  0x82871d7 in next_stack_level (pc=0x402a9cb2, udata=0xbffff878, 
#9  0x8287406 in throw_helper (eh=0x8504360, pc=0x402a9cb2, 
    my_udata=0xbffff9b0, offset_p=0xbffff9ac)
#10 0x8287678 in __throw ()
#11 0x8188e1a in main (argc=2, argv=0xbffffac4) at main.cpp:103

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