egcs 1.1 bug

Mark van Rossum
Wed Oct 13 12:20:00 GMT 1999


I discovered a bug with egcs 1.1. 
I'm sure something is screwed up in my code, but I just follow the
message: "please submit bug report". 
Btw, thanks for all your beautifull programs !

g++  -Wall  -O3 -g  -c -o pw.o
histogram.hh: In method `void Histogram::filter(int = 3)':
In file included from
histogram.hh:161: warning: comparison between signed and unsigned In function `void do_sim_step(class Histogram &)': Internal compiler error 390. Please submit a full bug report to `'. See <URL: > for
make: *** [pw.o] Error 1

see also attachments

System: redhat 6.1, PII-400

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