2.95.1 won't compile SQUID-2.2

Brent Bice bbice@persistence.com
Tue Oct 12 19:38:00 GMT 1999

   'Not completely sure if this is a bug in gcc 2.95.1 or if SQUID's source
is fouled up, but...

   When I compile SQUID 2.2 Stable-5 using gcc 2.95.1, the code compiles,
but it won't run (core dumps immediately).  This is on an UltraSPARC running
Solaris 2.6.  The same code compiles AND runs ok using gcc 2.8.1 on both
Solaris x86 and Solaris SPARC.  It also compiles and runs ok using SUN's
Workshop 5.0 compiler.

   'Just a datapoint...  I'll ask the SQUID folks 'bout this too, and see if
they know what's up.

Brent Bice

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