Linux Problem

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Mon Oct 11 16:20:00 GMT 1999

Dear Bug Report,
I installed Red Hat Linux Secrets cd for Unix but I didn't install printer 
support.  So I went back in and installed it, and every since I installed 
it I still cannot get it to print.  I tried the lpr command and I keep 
getting an error message that says "unknown printer".  When I installed 
print support it did not have a category for my printer.  I have an Lexmark 
5000 Series Color Jet Printer.  So I chose the category IBM 3853 Jet 
Printer because it was the only thing I could find for Jet Printer.  I also 
defined my environment variable as "PRINTER=ibm; export PRINTER", then I typed 
"export PRINTER=ibm" and I also went under /etc/printcap and typed
and theirs a line in there that has 
##PRINTTOOL3##LOCAL jetp3852 84 X 84 Letter
{} IBMJetPrinter3853 Default.  But lpr still 
gives me error messages that says "unknown printer".  Can you please 

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