"format not a string literal"

Ulrich Drepper drepper@cygnus.com
Sun Oct 10 22:17:00 GMT 1999

Its must be a recent addition since I haven't seen it before.  The
current CVS gcc emits

	warning: format not a string literal, argument types not checked

Please remove this again.  This warning is useless and it increases
the noice level.  If some call to a function marked with the 'printf'
or `scanf' attribute has no string literal in this position this can
very well be intended.  E.g., in the glibc implementation this happens
all over the place for functions like

vprintf (__const char *__restrict __fmt, _G_va_list __arg) __THROW
  return vfprintf (stdout, __fmt, __arg);

This now provokes a warning.  This is really bad since there is no way
to prevent this.

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